Order and Delivery Information

Product Availability

Thanks for choosing ADV Motorrad!  We try to keep as many of the parts listed on our website in stock, and up-to-date status is listed on each product page as "Availability".   Here are the different availability status codes you'll see:

In Stock

We have this item right on the shelf in New York.  "In Stock" items ship out within 24 hours of when your order is placed, and you'll receive a tracking number via email.

2-3 Days

The next best thing to "In Stock', this status means we have a confirmed shipment from our supplier in transit to our location, and it will be arriving within the next few days.  If we don't have confirmation that the shipment is actually in transit, you won't see this flag...we want to set the right expectation on timeline!  Once it's delivered to us and checked to make sure everything arrived okay, it will ship out within 24 hours.


"Pre-Order" products are either (A) products that we're out of stock and are in the process of placing the order with our supplier or (B) products that have been ordered but we have not received a shipping confirmation from our supplier.  Orders can be placed when a product is on "Pre-Order" status and you'll reserve your spot on the list for when stock arrives.  Typically, we expect "Pre-Order" products to arrive no later than 30 days to our location (but usually far quicker) and we will keep you posted regularly as we get updates.  If for whatever reason your order cannot be fulfilled or you need to cancel, we will refund your payment in full immediately.

Out of Stock

You probably won't see this a lot on our site, but it may happen every once in awhile.  An "Out of Stock" availability status means that we have run out of inventory at our shop and our supplier is currently unable to send more.  This is usually a temporary issue, and as products become available again, we'll upgrade the availability status to either "Pre-Order", "2-3 Days", or "In Stock" once received.  Please contact us first before placing an order for an "Out of Stock" product.

Shipping Information

We've setup a direct link to the United States Postal Service shipping database to provide real-time shipping cost at the time of order.  For domestic US and shipments to Canada, USPS seems to be the most cost-effective option for many of our smaller products.  Our system will provide options for Parcel Post and Priority mail so that you can choose which is the best for you.  

In addition to the USPS feed, we also have accounts with UPS and FedEx and are happy to compare those rates to see if they are more cost-competitive.  UPS and FedEx also offer faster options for delivery than USPS, including overnight if needed.  If there is a deadline by which you need to receive your order that will require please ensure you let us know in the order notes so that we can not only expedite processing but provide faster shipping options and cost upcharge quotes.

Any questions on shipping (either before or after placing your order), please feel free to call or email us!