Today's adventure bikes continue to grow in capability, but also in weight.  Odds are good if your bike falls on a perfectly flat surface of grippy tarmac, you can probably lift it using the "reverse walk" method and (hopefully) not injure yourself.  Add in an off-camber dirt road with loose gravel, fully loaded panniers, a full tank of gas, and a bit of rider fatigue after a full day's ride, and it can be a much different story.  The Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist is the perfect solution for solo adventure touring and adds peace of mind that you will be able to pick your bike up by yourself safely and easily if it goes down.  The hoist disassembles to a convenient size and the included carry pouch allows it to be strapped down to a luggage rack, passenger seat, or top case for ease of access.

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In addition to lifting a fallen motorcycle, the hoist can also lift either end of an upright bike to facilitate removing the front or rear wheel.  It can also help with tire changes by acting as a heavy duty breaker.  It will even lift your four-wheeler or quadbike!  The recommended maximum weight to lift with the hoist is 772 pounds (350 kg).

The disassembled hoist measures 19.3" x 8.3" x 2" and weighs approximately 9.5 pounds.

Here is a video showing the hoist in action lifting an R1200GS:

Want to lift your KLR without a Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist?  Piece of cake!  


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Dustriders Motorcycle Hoist

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