About Us

Who is ADV Motorrad?

ADV Motorrad (a division of Zolala LLC) is a new e-tailer of motorcycle accessories focused on the adventure rider community.  We're a small, family-run company owned by Pamela and Jason Smith.  After over 20 years riding a wide range of motorcycles - from vintage RD400s to turbocharged Yamahas to modern classic Triumphs and, most recently, an R1150GS - Jason decided it was time to invest in his passion for motorcycles and launch ADV Motorrad.  Although neither of us expect to topple Amazon as the world's biggest e-tailer anytime soon, we're not ruling that out either.  

Our Mission

To differentiate ourselves in the motorcycle accessories market through unique, globally-sourced products, competitive pricing, and an unmatched customer experience.  

Hours of Operation

We're available by phone between 10AM-5PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.  Email inquiries are responded to within one business day, although you'll often see a response far sooner.  Odds are good if you need to contact us outside of business hours, you'll still get a response if we're anywhere near a phone or computer!

Why Buy From ADV Motorrad Instead of The Other Guys?

Easy - the other guys probably don't have the brands we carry, and vice-versa.  We've sourced products that we feel are price and feature competitive, and offer a better value for our customers.  More money in your pocket means more gasoline in your tank!  We also know how frustrating it can be when promises fall through - "In Stock" isn't and "Shipped" means packaged and sitting in a warehouse while you're trying to get ready for your big trip.  With ADV Motorrad, we do what we say and we say what we do.  If it's shipping out tomorrow, it is - and you'll have a tracking number to prove it.  While we appreciate your first purchase from us, it's the repeat purchases that let us know we're doing a good job.